After having established himself as one of Sweden’s biggest acts of recent years, 2011 marked the launch of Ola’s international career. He could look back on seven Swedish number one singles, all of them having gone gold or platinum. Two of his three albums have topped the Swedish album chart, and one reached the top three.

In 2010, Ola founded Oliniho Records, on which his third album was released.

Having his own record company was a conscious effort to move away from the artistic limitations he felt when signed to a major label.

”I had started out with no experience, and basically did what I was told, which made me slowly lose my passion for music. I really felt like I didn’t have any options: either I started making music my way, or I wasn’t going to make music at all”.

This time, he really went back to square one, questioning everything. For a while, it wasn’t even a given that there would be another album.

”I came to the conclusion that I wanted to make a serious, whole-hearted effort to try to create my own space, where I could be pure, free and honest to myself, without any obligations to anyone else. With the freedom I have today I think it’s easier to follow my own direction and I can develop both my artistry and my songwriting in a more natural way.”

In 2011, Ola’s single All Over The World, was released internationally. It was followed by I’m in Love, which reached number one on Swedish iTunes. It has so far reached the top 10 in half a dozen European countries, going double platinum in Italy. To date, the official video for I’m In Love has 13 million views on YouTube.

Meanwhile, Ola’s music has started to generate interest in several other regions around the world.

”Ola is an extremely talented artist and has all the qualities a pop star needs”, says Ultra Records CEO Patrick Moxey.

When not touring Europe, Ola’s time was spent in a basement in Stockholm, writing his upcoming album.

His co-writers include Klas Åhlund (Teddybears Sthlm, Robyn), Schellback (Maroon 5, Pink, Usher), Patrik Berger (Icona Pop, Robyn), Martin Sköld, Kristofer Östergren, and the guys from Urban Cone.

”In addition to complementing me both musically and lyrically, what they had in common was that they were open to experimentation”.

In September 2013, Ola’s new international single, Jackie Kennedy, was released. A second taster from his next – and arguably most important – album, ”Carelessly Yours”.

The album opens with an ”Overture”, followed by the tracks ”Tonight I’m Yours” and ”Maybe”.

”With ”Tonight I’m yours” I think I found my own voice in many ways. I found a place in pop were I could be truly sincere and emotional. When we made it, it was like a revelation to me. It’s also one of the first songs I wrote for the album”.

”Maybe” describes the doubt and emotional roller coaster ride that Ola went through and his longing for something that was real to him.

Change is the only constant. Ola embraces this, and looks forward to keep changing. Because now it comes from the right place.

And if you ask him, here is where it starts.

Stockholm, August 2013